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    Cozy On Up Danish Style

    As a college professor, my husband Scott, had an opportunity to teach an amazing group of 18-year old exchange students from Denmark.  He worked on a two-week kindness project with them, where they developed a program to spread love, compassion and kindness throughout the community.

    I had the honor of meeting all of the Danish students and teachers that were involved in the program at their final farewell dinner.  We had some great conversations about the differences between U.S. and Danish culture, schools, government etc.  During the celebration, they introduced a Danish word I had never heard, but I immediately fell in love with the concept.

    Hygge (pronounced Hoo-ga) has a direct translation of getting cozy.  But, the group explained that in reality there is no translation, because it’s a mindset and feeling you develop.  It’s about creating a warm atmosphere and enjoying the good things in life with good people.  Hygge is an abstract; a frame of mind with a positivity towards life in general.

    Although the long, dark winters are coming to an end, you can practice Hygge year round.  It’s an excellent way to nurture and deepen relationships with friends, family and yourself.  Here are some ways to “Cozy On Up Danish-Style”.

    1. Warm drinks are at the epicenter of any good Hygge session.  Whether its tea, hot cocoa, coffee or a hot toddy, start the process by warming yourself from the inside out.
    2. Cuddly clothes and fluffy socks are a must when getting in a Hygge mood. So, your old broken-in sweat shirt and fleece jammies or an 80’s track suit is the perfect fit.  Bring a soft blanket into the mix for added pleasure.
    3. Include some candles and/or a toasty fire place to create a cozy ambience.
    4. And the most important element…sharing the moment with friends and family.  Gathering with loved ones is an essential part of the Hygge feeling. Exchanging meaningful conversation and experiences can enliven any dark winter evening.

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