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    Celebrating Freedom – Yoga with Meditation Mutha

    My family and I have had an incredible 6-week stay in Talca, Chile.  The community has been overwhelmingly welcoming with constant invitations to asados (BBQ’s), onces (afternoon tea), trekking, dinners and fiesta celebrations and we are so grateful to everyone.

    I had the pleasure of becoming friends with several of the ladies and we stayed up late one night talking about the differences between Chilean and American culture.  They expressed to me that in general Chilenos are more traditional people and therefore it is difficult to be free to express yourself openly.  They don’t like confrontation and often take great care not to offend others by holding back their true thoughts.  They dress more conservatively and a woman would rarely say hi to a man first.

    This brief summary of Chilean perspective was a good explanation of why I constantly received crazy looks from people as I ran through the park wearing a yoga tank top saying hi and waving to everyone I passed.  I must have looked and acted like an alien to everyone I encountered in this beautiful country.

    I wanted to do something special as a thank you for all the incredible support and nurturing we received from the Talca community during our stay.  So, on our last night in this city, I invited everyone we developed a relationship with to a Yogic Blindfold Dance event like the ones I teach in the U.S.  To my surprise, 22-people showed up with open hearts and minds to participate in this unknown, unique experience.

    My emotions were overwhelmingly high as I paused to witness this beautiful group dancing freely in the dark.  Time stood still, and I suddenly realized I was in a foreign country, surrounded by an incredible collective energy of Spanish speaking people of all ages demonstrating their trust and willingness to be vulnerable for a moment.

    This week’s 26-minute FREE Slow Flow Hatha yoga class is dedicated to the people of Talca, Chile to Celebrate Freedom.  It will empower you to move freely within your own body, embrace the moves in between the moves, honor your own unique gifts and dance like no one is watching.  This yoga class will leave you feeling energized and motivated to create the life you were intended to live!

    Yoga with Meditation Mutha is for every BODY. I hope you will join me in this opportunity to celebrate freedom within your body and mind!

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    Guatemala anyone?  Only one room left!  Come join us on a “Journey to the Heart” where we will engage in daily yoga and life inspiring sessions and Mayan ceremonies surrounded by magical Lake Atitlan and three powerful volcanoes.

    Come join us in Guatemala!!! I am so excited to partner with Rod Hairston on this mindfully crafted Journey to the Heart Retreat  located on the shores of mystical Lago Atitlan in Guatemala November 3rd-10th.


    This is going to be a full mind-body-spirit immersion into the local Mayan culture through transformative workshops, yoga, ceremony, meditation, chanting and dance. Three powerful volcanoes and the beautiful lago will be our backdrop as we embark on a Journey to the Heart.  Visit www.growth-u.com/events for details and to register TODAY!

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