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    Releasing the Pressure of 2017

    Happy New Year! On your mark, get set, go! The race is on to create the new and improved you in 2017!

    Have you joined the band wagon? I wouldn’t blame you if you did. There is a tremendous amount of cultural and advertising pressure that inundates us every day, letting us know that we are not good enough. In fact, there are whole industries banking on the notion that we are a continuous self improvement project.

    So, as a nation, we spend billions of dollars on products that will help us lose those extra ten pounds, reduce our wrinkles and retain our youth. This is all accomplished through the underlying mantra of “I am not whole”.

    What would happen if we changed our mantra to “I am enough”? What if we focused on improving our well-being instead of our appearance. What if we felt so grateful for who we are now, not who we should become?

    I know one thing is for certain, the whole health and beauty industry would be tossed on its ear. And people across the entire world, would celebrate the incredible gift they have been given. The gift of being YOU!