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    Balancing the Masculine and Feminine – Yoga with Meditation Mutha

    The Maldives is a magical country made up of an archipeligo chain of 1200 islands. Only 5% of the country is land, leaving 95% of this nation existing as the most crystal clear blue water you have ever witnessed.

    So, there is no question that the locals grow up with salt water in their blood and expertly indulge in all the water sports known to man including some of the best surfing in the world, sailing, scuba diving, jet skiing, kite surfing and free diving. I heard that one of the best Maldivian free divers is a chain smoker and can dive a depth of more than 300 feet holding his breath for over seven minutes!

    Yes, the locals have gills and enjoy inviting visitors to participate in all of their favorite passions. While teaching yoga for a week at Club Med Kani (an island only .75 kilometers long), my husband Scott and I had the opportunity to do some of the best scuba dives we have ever experienced. We engaged in an armada on a catamaran and sailed ourselves out to the middle of the deep blue sea passing inhibited and uninhibited white sand beach islands along the way.

    We indulged in overwater accommodations that hovered above what seemed like an aquarium of sea life and observed sharks, rays and rainbow colored fish swim by as we ate breakfast on our balcony overlooking the show. It truly was a bucket list experience that I will always hold near to my heart.

    Above all of these wonderful encounters, one of my favorite things to do while traveling internationally is to engage in deep conversation with the local people to better understand their culture and beliefs. The Maldivian people are some of the most warm and welcoming humans on the planet.

    I had the opportunity to connect with so many incredible locals and learned many lessons about their culture that opened my eyes to pure acceptance of all living beings. The Maldives is a Muslim Nation. Although some people observe traditional customs, the people are accepting of a wide range of practices and honor each individual’s spirituality.

    Each person is seen for who they truly are, so racism does not exist in the Maldives. Everyone looks out for the best interest of the other and fully supports their well-being. We have a lot to learn in the United States about honoring all living beings as magnificent, unique individuals.

    One of the Maldivian concepts I found so fascinating is their belief that there is no masculine and feminine differences. Both aspects of self are revered within each person, making them equally important in the eyes of the locals.

    Whether you are born in a masculine or feminine body, we all have an aspect of both energies within us. The key to a healthy life is to find the balance between the two. If you reside in a masculine dominant decision-making world, you may want to focus some attention to inviting the feminine into your being. In reverse, if you are fully engaged in a feminine, emotional ruling state, it may be time to cultivate a little masculine energy into your system. Balance is the key to everything.

    Therefore, I thought I would share this special yoga practice, which will allow you to identify and develop the masculine and feminine energy within. Enjoy!


    This week’s 24 minute Hatha and Yin Yoga combination class, Yoga for Balancing Masculine and Feminine Energy is all about addressing the duality within each of us. Through Yang postures that build heat and Yin postures that cool your system, we will bring balance to the masculine and feminine energies that support our foundation. Yoga with Meditation Mutha is for everyBODY. Please join me in this opportunity to activate all aspects of our being. Enjoy!

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