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    Connecting with Nature’s Rhythm

    Many of you know my wonderful dog and love of my life passed away in December after 16-beautiful years on this planet.  He was my first baby and I was absolutely heart broken.


    One of my favorite things to do was spend time with him out at our little cabin in the country.  The two of us would wake up early while the house was still quiet and sit on the front porch swing together, he laying on my lap just rocking back and forth.


    As you can imagine, it was so difficult going out to the cabin the first time without him.  I woke up early like we usually did and went outside to sit on the swing.  I sat there for a long time in silence with tears running down my face thinking about all the fabulous memories I had of my special friend.


    Suddenly, I heard an unusual sound  and looked up to see hundreds of robins that had landed in a flock all around me.  Up until then I had never seen one robin in Texas, let alone hundreds.


    This rare encounter led me to a book my best friend, Alisa, gave me several years ago, called Animal Speak by Ted Andrews.  It’s about our deep connection with the natural world around us.   I looked up the meaning of the robin as an animal totem (spirit).  It said the robin represented letting go of the past and moving forward with new growth for the future.

    I could have easily dismissed this uncommon meeting as chance.  But, my awareness and practice with animal totems directed me to believing this was a sign from nature telling me it was OK to move on from my mourning.


    Nature speaks with us constantly.  Through its shapes, colors, smells and varied animal sightings it communicates with us about the world and our life.  But, few of us ever listen.  All we need to do is consciously observe our surroundings.  When nature knows you are ready to listen, nature will speak.

    As we open our hearts to the wisdom of the animal world, we begin to experience our connection with rhythms and patterns of nature.  We start to look at a meeting with an animal, insect or reptile as more than just a chance encounter. And when we start to investigate the reason behind each visit we realize there is deep meaning.  What a magical way to live, where every interaction with a creature is a significant message guiding you on your path.


    We had the opportunity to explore our animal totems at the “Connecting with the Rhythm of Your Life” Women’s Weekend Retreat a couple of weeks ago.  This incredible group of women embraced the concept wholeheartedly.  We learned that the animal chooses the person, not the other way around.  And we were able to honor our totems to enhance the effect its powers have in our lives.


    Animals stimulate our imagination.  They touch and stir deeper aspects of ourselves that we sometimes forget we have.  Take some time to sit still in nature to observe the enchanted world around you.  Whether it’s a frequent visit from a cardinal, an encounter with a fox or a brief moment with a gecko, once you connect with your animal totem, you open a gateway for infinite possibility and guidance.