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    Supporting Each Other as One – Yoga with Meditation Mutha

    Buddhists believe that when you pass away you are reincarnated and your energetic body takes on another form in your next life. The understanding is that this happens over and over again for an infinite amount of rebirths. Therefore, someone who was once your enemy in a previous existence could be a close relative or friend in your current life.

    Following this belief system, we have existed as countless mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, best friends, children, bosses, employees, strangers etc. in relation with each other. So, if we are in alignment with this concept, then we must care for EVERY being as if they are our most precious companion.

    We are all from one source and therefore it is imperative that we support each other as one. Another way to view this is we are hurting ourselves when we hurt someone else.

    So, the next time you are about to engage your body, speech or mind in an act to harm another being, pause and think “This person could be my mother.”

    Looking for an opportunity to cultivate your compassion for self and others? Then, come join me for this week’s yoga class, Yoga for Developing Compassion and open your heart to all living beings. Enjoy!

    Author – Kim Goyette

    This week’s 17 minute floor yoga class, Yoga for Developing Compassion, is all about recognizing our love for all living beings no matter what their culture, background, beliefs, religion, color or creed. Through visualization meditations and a yoga practice focused on heart openers, we will expand our capacity to love everyone which is a reflection in loving ourselves. Yoga with Meditation Mutha is for everyBODY. Please join me in this opportunity to cultivate compassion for all and celebrate our differences. Enjoy!

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