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    Enhancing Your Balance at Any Age – Yoga with Meditation Mutha

    This past weekend, I had the honor of co-creating the Women in Business Wellness Retreat with two badass ladies! I am so grateful to Jenna Valentine with Valentine Care and Tish Heshmet for sharing tools, techniques and tips that bring balance to a woman’s financial, physical and spiritual health.

    Much appreciation goes out to all of the women who arrived with open hearts to the experience and embraced the opportunity to grow and expand in every aspect of their lives. And a special thanks goes out to Rebecca Fitzgerald with Mindful Meals, who nourished our souls the entire weekend!

    Balance is the key to maintaining an excellent quality of life. Allowing one aspect of your life to become out of balance effects other parts of your world. Nourishing your body, mind and spirit allows you to fill your cup, so you can better support others and yourself.

    One important thing to practice as we age is physical balance. Balancing exercises will help you maintain stability in everything you do. Just a few minutes of balancing postures per day will significantly reduce your risk of falls and injuries.

    Scroll down and come join me for this week’s short yoga practice 10 Minute Yoga for Balance to Increase Stability and increase wellness your life at any age!

    Author – Kim Goyette

    This week’s 10 Minute Yoga for Balance to Increase Stability is all about tuning into your connection with the earth to feel steady in your body and mind. Through single leg balancing postures such as Star Pose and Tree Pose, we will draw our energy up to create stability throughout our entire system. Yoga with Meditation Mutha is for everyBODY. This sequence is excellent for enhancing balance and stability at any age. Enjoy!

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