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    Taking Responsibility for Your Own Health – Yoga with Meditation Mutha

    Based on the directive of our Governor, Texas is the first state to begin the process of reopening businesses across the region.  This weekend marks the start of a sequence of phases we will undergo to bring our commerce back to “normal”.  For many, the topic of opening up stores for business comes with some controversy.

    Some people are focused on reclaiming employment and reestablishing the economy as soon as possible.  While others, based on the devastation that is still occurring in major cities around the country, feel it is way too soon to start the process of returning to business as usual.

    It really does not matter where you fall on the spectrum of opinions about social distancing, masks, the return of the economy etc.  The bottom line is we are responsible for our own personal health.  Therefore, we must take ownership of the care of our own body and mind and do what is right for us.

    When we tap into our intuitive nature, we have the ability to identify imbalances in our health and proactively address these issues.   And when we are present with the subtle messages of our own body and mind, we instinctively know how to care for ourselves.  The body is designed to heal itself when in a state-of-balance.

    This week’s 19-minute FREE floor yoga class, Yoga for a Healthy Mind and Body, is all about owning your own health. Through breath of fire, kidney meridian tapping, smile yoga, lions breath and visualization, we will clear all stress and toxins to allow energy to flow freely within the body.

    Yoga with Meditation Mutha is for everyBODY. Please join me in this opportunity to create a pathway for your energy to move easily, so your body and mind can operate at peak performance.

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    Friday Yoga for Connection
    Every Friday 12 pm CST
    Live Virtual Zoom Location
    Looking to reestablish balance in your world and connect with high vibe beings?  Join us for “Friday Yoga for Connection” every week at 12 pm CST.  It’s a wonderful way to wind down for the weekend and enjoy each other’s company virtually.  We will use Zoom video conferencing to enjoy a live yoga class from the comfort of your home.  The class is just $7 and all members of your household are welcome to join.  To register, please make your payment via Venmo or Paypal to kimf4mb@gmail.com the Wednesday before class and I will send login information that Thursday.  See you there!